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Caught Masturbating by Friend’s Wife

" I rubbed my fingers around her folds and then shoved a finger up her cunt. She is so wet that it easily slides in. I laugh. " I know what you need Melissa. I've always known." I lowered my head and licked her cunt lips. She can't stop the moaning or the way her hips move to get closer to my lapping tongue. I licked her cunt while pumping two fingers inside of her. She grabbed my hair pulling me closer to her wet cunt. I laughed and continued to work her body, giving her what she didn't even know she had been craving. I pull away, my face wet with her juices. I lower my wet finger to her ass and push it in. Her ass tightened and tried to push out the invading finger. 

" Relax your ass. I'm going to stretch this tight little hole until you can take my cock. You want that don't you? You want me to take your ass." I shook my head and I laughed. Her moaning belayed any real opposition she had. She was terrified it would hurt, but she also wanted it. I was making her want it with my words. " It's time to cum now my whore. You're going to come on my fingers while they take your ass." I bent back down and licked her cunt while my finger pushed in and out of her tight asshole. It is hurting less and she is moaning and thrashing on the bed. 
" More!" She yelled. I chuckled and added another finger to her ass. " Is this what my whore wants? It's what you need isn't it? You need to be a good girl for me and take my fingers in your tight ass. Relax that ass and take it!" 
I now had three fingers in her ass and the pain is incredible, yet the pain is turning her on and making her cum. She screams, grabbing at the bedspread while I finger fucked her ass. I slide my fingers out of her ass as she finished coming. She is still twitching with the aftershocks of her orgasm. I returned from the bathroom, my massive cock jutted out from between my legs and she wondered if she would be able to take that in her ass. I climbed up on the bed and spread her legs, " I'm going to fuck you now and you're going to be a good girl and take it aren't you?" " Wait! You need to wear a condom! I can't get pregnant!" I smiled, " There will be nothing between us. Now spread your legs and ask me nicely to fuck you." She looked away, closing her eyes. Now that she is coming off an orgasm, she could think more clearly. She didn't want this to happen. She had always been faithful to her husband. A hand gently wiped at the tears now flowing down her face, " Melissa, I'm going to take you. There is nothing you can do to stop this." 

I turn her face toward me and continued, " I'm going to fuck you and I'm not going to pull out. I'm going to make you mine. Now ask me to fuck you." She shook her head and pushed at me. I lowered my head and sucked on her nipple, licking it until it formed a stiff peak. I pinched the other nipple with my finger twisting it until she started moaning. My lower body is pressing into her cunt, mimicking fucking. Her body is already reacting to my movements and she knew what the outcome was going to be. " Please fuck me," She whispered. I pulled from her nipple with a pop, " I didn't hear you my whore. Say again?" She grabbed my ass and pulled it toward her wet cunt, " Fuck me!" I moaned and grabbed my cock, guiding it toward her glistening pussy. I pushed forward through her folds and is balls deep in one thrust. " Oh yes!" She moaned. She is filled more than she has ever been. My cock slamming into her, she had never been fucked so hard and she loved it. " That's a good girl! Grip my cock with that tight cunt! Yes. There you go, just like that. Oh yes," I said. Sooner then she thought, she is coming, screaming my name. " Good girl. Good whore, cuming all over my cock like that. Now it's time to fill you with my seed. She screamed as she came again, my words filling her with lust. I pumped my hot seed deep into her unprotected fertile cunt keeping my cock in after I had finished. " Melissa, get on your hands and knees...I'm going to mount you like a bitch in heat." " John, I have never been mounted from behind."

She gripped the bedspread with her hands and bit her lower lip as I positioned myself behind her. She looked down between her thighs, to see me as I licked her pussy again. Getting her all excited again, Looking past my head she sees my enormous cock growing hard. Its girth made her pussy ache; it is at least three inches wide. She can’t believe the size of it. She is imagining me mounting her from behind, burying my cock in her again. She quickly pushed that thought out of her head. " I wouldn’t try to fuck her again or would I,” she thought. While she is convincing herself that I wouldn't fuck her again. She is gawking at my big cock as I mounted her. With her head down her dripping pussy is too high to match up with me. The weight of my body pushed her down as I laid my chest onto her back. She froze as I wrapped my arms around her sides, sliding my cock under her. I pushed six or seven inches over her wet mound. As I pulled her to me the enormous cock spread her lips as it pushed across her. The feeling of my cock running through her shaved lips again sent a ripple up her spine. She gasped for air. My higher blood temp made my cock feel like a hot poker pushing her lips apart. My arms held her like a vice. I held her so close and so tight. She feels my warm breath on her neck. The strength of my arms is unbelievable. She raised her head and looked at me in disbelief. She can’t believe that I'm going to fuck her again. Her husband never fucked her more then once a session. My cock is so hard it could have popped. When she raised her head her ripened hole lowered. I drew back and shoved my cock into her. 

She is very ready, her pussy had been primed by her orgasm she had just had. Her lips are spread open and very well lubricated allowing my to pass easily. To her surprise I didn’t just shove it all in. I pressed about three inches into her, stretching her as I passed into her and paused. She feels me shake in her. My cock is so warm, much warmer than before. A hot jet of cum sprayed into her. The hot gush made her let out a small moan. Her eyes about popped out of her head as the hot cum flowed into her. She caught herself, she can’t moan for me. Then she is puzzled, “ is he done??” Then I drew back, almost pulling out of her and pushed back in. This time almost four inches went sliding in, and then there is another hot spray, spreading her wider. She let out another moan; it is so big she just can’t keep quiet. It feels so good. She can’t help but like it but she didn’t want to. My cock stretching her as it pushes its way into her. She wanted to pull away, but the sensation of my massive cock filling her is so hot she just had to push back. She wants more. Once again I drew all the way back then pushed in six inches of my thick cock. She now starts to meet each thrust with one just as hard as mine. She can’t help it she wanted me. Her reservations about what is happening are fading fast as her lust starts to burn in her pussy. She pushed back hard while she raised her ass to meet me as I pushed into her. She moans louder as she pushes me into her. I'm fucking her like a jack hammer, my cock spreading her wide. 

She is now fucking me too. I'm giving her the ride of her life. She took the first eight inches with ease; now my hot cock seems to be soaking her up. It grew with each slapping thrust, the hot cum lubing her, as I push deeper. The girth spreading her wider. The sensation of me thrusting into her from behind made her feel animal lust. I now pick up the pace to one she cannot match. The hammering of my thrusts is now like a jack hammer. All she can do is push against my hard thrusts. I found my rhythm. She feels all of my weight behind my thrusts. She feels the base of my cock stretch her inner lips as I pushed all nine inches of my cock in and out of her. She can’t believe the long thrusts, my thick cock going all the way in and all the way out of her. The head of my cock would come out to her inner lips before rocketing back up in her. The swelling base pushing her lips apart as it rammed into her. The pace is out of control; my balls made a loud smack every time I slammed into her. Her ass and tits jiggled with every thrust. The whole experience is starting a fire in her, she cannot control. With every one of my thrusts the flames from within burn hotter. The hot cum and mere size just added to it. She moans loud, her voice quivering. She can’t take it much longer; it is inevitable she is going to cum on my cock. She arched her back to give me more of her. Her lips start to loosen their hold on my enormous shaft, before she comes, allowing me to go all the way into her. I grunted, her eyes popped open wide and she gasped for breath as my knot pressed past her lips, bringing the total to ten inches. The large knot is slowly swallowed into her. 

She feels her lips clasping my shaft. The feeling of her contracting around the base squeezing it sent her nerves on end. I arched my back high trying in desperation to get every last millimeter of my cock in her. Now my thrusts are short jabs, I didn’t want to pull my knot from her. With each thrust my balls slap against her labia, now fully electrified by my powerful thrusts. The base of my cock started to grow rapidly after it entered her. The knot pressed on her labia from the inside, which made her orgasm start to come even harder. She feels the ball growing inside of her, pushing her inner lips in and out as I thrust into her. Soon the knot is lodged past her inner lips. As I pushed in and out of her, the knot pulled at her inner walls, pulling her lips out and in. As soon as the knot sealed her hole I pushed hard into her, sending her reeling into her orgasms. I groaned as I exploded. Waves of hot cum sprayed deep into her womb. I'm filling her willing body. My cock head lodged in her cervix. My balls contracting as I filled her. The pressure from my molten cum building in her made her vaginal muscles milk my shaft as they went into spasm. The orgasm sent drips of sweat across her forehead and down her back. She bucks uncontrollably into my massive shaft, crying out as she came. Her head swirled as I filled her, my cock now buried deeper in her then her husband had ever been. The hot seed made her howl as it flowed in her. She writhed and bucked uncontrollably as her orgasm took over her body. The look on her face is one of pure pleasure. 

The eruption that is happening in her pussy has taken her over. She is bucking uncontrollably as hard as she can to get my cock buried in her deeper. I'm again thrusting hard into her, my cock ramming into her all the way to my balls. Her screams could have woke the dead as she her orgasm peaked. A stream of cum is leaking from the tight seal between her and my knot, running down her leg. I'm now resting on her back. My cock lodged in her, her hips still bucking against me. I dismounted her, we collapsed remaining tied together. I lay behind her and told her how awesome she was and how erotic it was to see her satisfied.;area=summary;u=17688;area=summary;u=17717